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Fostering Healthier,

Safer Environments


Our Advocacy

We understand the many ways human health interacts with both our built and natural environments. We also fundamentally believe that building a healthier future necessitates a commitment to sustainability. Whether it is fighting for a cleaner energy future or to make polluters pay for cleanup in contaminated communities, we are On Your Side with environmental health action. We are taking action to protect clean air, land, and water for the sake of our families and future—join us today!


Doctors and Nurses for Clean Water

We are creating a network of healthcare professionals committed to learning to better identify, assess, and respond to both their patients’ and communities’ health risks from harmful microbial and chemical contamination in their water supply. As the Flint water crisis showed, healthcare voices can be extremely powerful both in the recognition of a water crisis and also in leadership when government response is inadequate or ineffectual.


Fort Ord Contamination

Poisoned in service to our country, hundreds of Veterans who served at Fort Ord former US Army base are suffering from cancers and other serious illnesses. We are working to raise awareness and seeking fairness for those impacted through legislative action. Will you stand with Fort Ord families?


Clean Water for Military Families

The Clean Water for Military Families Act requires DOD to investigate and remediate PFAS contamination on and surrounding DOD installations in the US and state-owned National Guard facilities. The bill authorizes a one-time $10B for this work and clean-up to ensure military families have access to clean water.

DOD Contamination Cleanup

The Filthy Fifty Act would help expedite the testing, cleanup, removal, and remediation of PFAS at all US military installations and State-owned National Guard facilities by setting testing and cleanup deadlines for PFAS remediation at the most contaminated DOD sites in the country, including 50 “priority installations” in the US that have among the highest detections of PFAS.

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