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We are asking all who support our troops in the US Armed Forces including our Veterans organizations to stand with the families facing the dire, and in some cases, deadly consequences of DOD contamination.

Poisoned in service to our country, hundreds of Veterans who served on Fort Ord Army base are facing cancers and other serious illnesses they are concerned are related to base contamination. Sadly in good company, many Fort Ord Veterans are suffering from rare blood cancers and other medical conditions which were recognized as linked to the water contamination at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. And as with Lejeune, civilian patriots who also served on base, as well as the families who lived there, are also suffering and dying.

Fort Ord was declared an EPA Superfund site in 1990 and was even placed on the National Priorities List as among the worst contaminated sites in the country. And in fact, many of the same contaminants found at Lejeune have been found contaminating the air, soil, and water at Fort Ord. This includes several known or probable carcinogens, namely Benzene, PCE, and TCE. These 3 highly toxic chemicals were primary contaminants of concern at both Lejeune and Fort Ord. But despite the similarities, all VA benefit claims for those exposed at Fort Ord are being denied.


If you believe we must stop the cycle of delay, deny, and hope they die when it comes to Veterans’ benefits, please sign. We must demand action and recognition of the deadly consequences from DOD contamination!

Out of fairness for Fort Ord families, we respectfully request updated investigation and consideration of Veterans benefit coverage as well as hospital and medical services coverage equivalent to those impacted at Lejeune and as guaranteed in the Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012. And because of the scope of DOD contamination, we request the following further actions:

● Creating a Health Registry similar to the Open Burn Pit Registry, which will allow for learning more about health effects from air, soil, and water contamination on DOD installations.

● Requiring periodic review of the registry as well as reassessment by ATSDR of emerging epidemiological evidence that would substantiate adding conditions to the presumptive list for VA benefits coverage.

● Establishing a Medical Monitoring program that will be guided by information learned through the Registry.

Stand with Fort Ord


Were you impacted by the contamination at Fort Ord? Lawmakers need to hear from you! Please complete a brief questionnaire and stay tuned for more details on our Storm the Hill Week of Action.

Our friend, Julie Peters Akey, started a Facebook group for those impacted by the contamination at Fort Ord. There are over 400 members in the private group. To date, we’ve identified nearly 400 individuals with cancer and other severe illnesses among Veterans, families, and civilians who lived or worked in that area. If you were impacted, we would love to welcome you into the group discussion.

For Those Impacted

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