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Our Advocacy

Our health organization is rooted in the understanding that optimal health remains out of reach for many in this country due to barriers beyond their control. This is where we come in as believers that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are among our unalienable rights—and none are really possible without our health. We view our work to build a healthier, sustainable future as a fundamental American ideal and inspiration. We are On Your Side with actions to advance health equity, improve Veterans care, and foster healthier, safer environments.


Improving Veterans Care

Our team of Veterans, healers, helpers, and patriots have years of experience consulting, educating, and advocating around many complex issues facing Veterans. To all our Veterans, we got your six!


Advancing Health Equity

We fundamentally understand that the so-called social determinants of health should really be called political determinants of health given so many are heavily influenced by public policy and political forces. If you believe in building a healthier future together, we are On Your Side!


Fostering Healthier, Safer Environments

We understand that a healthier future has to be sustainable. We realize the myriad ways our health intersects with both our built and natural environments. If you are committed to safer environments, we are On Your Side fighting for clean air, land, and water. 

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